Once a failure, always a retard
go through the books just dream
I went to school with an offer for my teacher
he thought, please don´t look down on me
But I will, oh oh oh oh

Well I don´t care about your modern decoration
in your home so why should you care about mine
I´ve had enough of this comfort conversation
in my mind you´re all retards anyhow

Cause if you think love will come towards you
like a warm summerbreeze
you got your head among the clouds
and you will never be free
you´ll spend
many nights alone
i know

If you don´t feel the way I do it don´t matter
cause, I´ll never know how you feel
but if you do then sure I´d be flattered
in my mind it´s all different anyhow

I think love will come towards me
like a warm summerbreeze
I got my head among the clouds
and I will never be free
I´ll spend
many nights alone
I know
I know
Cause I have and I will.
2011-10-12 @ 15:11:35 Summer 2011 Permalink

Postat av: Frida Åberg

den där låten alltså, den är bra.

2011-10-12 @ 21:39:01

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