Sitter hemma hos min kära vän Jenna, har precis hjälpt henne med disken och vi har konstaterat att snart är det försent med en fika. Men ikv blir det tacos med massor med folk :D det ska bli kul.

Idag har jag inte gjort så väldigt mycket, myst med familjen och tagit det lugnt. Fixat med bloggen som vanligt. Har konstaterat att jag ska börja ta betalt om jag ska hjälpa andra med deras bloggar i fortsättningen, eftersom jag gör rätt mkt jobb och lägger ner väldigt mkt tid. Typ bli en frilansande blogdesigner ;)

Nu börjar det bli rent och fint här i Jennas lägenhet.
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I do i do i do !

I do love summer rain! Not just as a good reason to be inside and drink hot chocolate, no! I just loooove walking in summer rain! So when my sweet friend Jenna asked me if I wanted to go for a walk was my answer YES :D

But when I come home again, one hour later was all of my clothes so wet like I have been taking a bath with my clothes on :P

Before my walk in the rain was at my friends and met new people and had some cake. It was really nice and I enjoyed it a lot, they have the second best coffee I have tasted! Mine is the best ofc, but my friend Maria is almost as good as mine.

So this day was a good day :) even if it has been raining

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There is something missing

Yes I do miss all my delegates! More for everyday, it might sounds weird for people who haven’t done this, but I think that the other who was a host agrees with me. Because being a host are so much more than just transport people from one place to another, at least not with my two groups. I was having breakfast, dinner or chat time with them. And I was like their mum who always told them to wake up, go to bed, drink water, watch out for cars, all my 35 delegates was like grown up babies in a good way! I liked to be their mum and now do I miss to have them hanging around asking me questions.

LiNA <3 India Central and Uganda = true


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I have been working for hours on my dropdown meny and finally is it starting to work right for me :D To have no educations in this area do I think that I am really good at this!

I want my blog to look simple with style if you know what I mean ;) In the same time so much me as posible. But I am simple with style, insn't that true? Just what I tought ;)!

I still have som work to do, but I can't sit infront of my computer the whole day! I am going to visit some friends, Maria and Jim, to drink some coffee and now am I prepering to go down and ask my mum if she needs some help :) 'cause I am a well raised child you see, and I have the best mum ever so it is just fun to help her.

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My eyes! Majs ?

I was playing football with my two sisters and brother just a minute ago. My brother and I won with 20-3 ;) Not bad at all, I would like to say ;) It was so fun, but it was to bad we didn't had a judge ^^ for if we had one I would had received lots of free kicks (I don't know if that is the right term, not so good in football you know).

Now of we go to the beach :D I will might swim today, I feel like it is a bathday today...

I had a bit boring today so I mad this ^^ not so good yet, but with some practis I will be better :)
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Yesterday !

Yesterday was a really good day I can tell :D Me and my two sisters and brother were all alone at home 'cause my mum and dad were visiting friends. So my older sister and me were out doing some shopping when we decided that we would make a trip with the kids. We took them to the channel and watched a gating and eating ice cream. The weather was just great and we had a great time together.

They did I have my friend Ida over so we could talk about hers blog that I am helping her with. After that did I have more visiting from Maria and Jim, They came and picked currants in our garden. Because Maria thinks it's so fun to take care of fruit and berries and my mum has taken all that she wants all ready. I think that this is great, that we can share with others.

Just to make the day better did we kids go to the beach and the small ones took a bath while I watch them from the beach. I miss to be young and just can run into the water. It is not that fun anymore, just uncomfortable for me at least. But I like to watch other having fun so it is okay :)

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Think again

What do you see when you are looking at me? I am sure that you can't see me. You only see your own experience in me and that is not I.
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Home sweet home

Now after a great weekend am I going home again to my own bed and my own shower ^^

I have had a great time with my friend Lingon, and his great girlfriend :D And I met lots of new and fun persons too, like Tobias who helped me to take the buss to the trainstation :) That was so sweet of him :)

Lingon tought me how to use a DJ-thing ^^ But I was not so good at it, but it was fun, it is always fun to try new things I think!
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First days in Småland

Yesterday  I met Rasmus  and one of his friends :) That was nice :) And after that did I follow Robin and Rebecca and bought some things to our pizza.
And as you all can see is that the girls who made it (A)

This morning went Lingon and I to Gislaved to see so everything at his work was doing fine and to buy flowers to his girlfriend as a birthday present. So romantics! 19, because she is turning 19. Feels like years since I got flowers, okay was like two and a half month or something like that ^^ to looong for a girl

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Blåbär and Lingon :D

I have missed my friend so much! One year since last time we saw each other! This is our third summer together and this year with his girlfriend Rebecca as well :) Not bad at all!

Tomorrow will it be an "early" morning that Lingon wants to call it, 8.30 for me ;) Not that early if I compare with the last week when I went up around 5 o'clock in the morning to take a shower and then help all of my delegates to wake up and get a breakfast. So this is a long morning sleep for me ;)

When we arrived home to Lingon did we make our own pizza with ham, kebab, cheese and onion. Tasted really good :) And we also watched a movie called "Drakarnas rike" in Swedish but something completely different in English. Something I can't remember. :P It was not that good I think, but I don't usually like SiFi movies. They are just too much for me.

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Tuff tuff tuff det säger tåget

I am sitting on the second train to my friend right now and I can charge the battery on my computer: D That is really good news, I wish that all trains could be like that. At least the trains I am going with, or that is selfish! No all trains should be like this :)

We are all vulnerable and with flaws, but lie? No I don't think that should be anyone’s first choice! Yes sometimes is it easier to lie to protect the person that you are talking. But is that something that you would be remembered as / recognized with? A liar? I can tell that I wouldn't be very pleased with be called that. Maybe is it just me.

I can often tell when a person is lying to me, I don't always tell the person that. I am not stupid 'cause I am blond or young. Yes sometimes naive, but not stupid. And I have been practising my practiced in my whole (al 18 years ^^) life at reading people so I know! Ofc I am not a professional, but that is not often my stomach has wrong.

So keep your conscience clean, and others by speaking the truth!

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Listen to pokemon ^^

Since I come home from WYC, I have just rested. I just miss having 17 Indians and 18 Ugandans behind me all the time. So much joy and weird problems I have seen this week. And this is the first time someone has proposed to me, and not just one :O That is just one of the things I have had to deal with.

I even miss to stay up all night just talking to my delegates or knocking on doors to try to wake up really tired persons :P

I have heard so many new and good thought I hope that I will always remember!

I know that I have grown as a person this week and hopefully not jst me!

I think it vas Pete who told me that I had a boring taste of clothes ;) It is not true, but I had a dress code for my job that said that I was only allowed to use white, black and blue clothes, and cover shoulders and knees. This is so much more me :P
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You are in the army now

I think I will start to write on my blog again :) it has happened so much fun the last time I would like to share with you. :)
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